Conical burr coffee grinder

Pre-ground coffee can never be as good as coffee that you grind at home using a home coffee grinder. When the coffee is pre-ground and packaged, the ground coffee is exposed to air and starts oxidizing. This results in much of the wonderful coffee flavor being lost. If you are serious about a great tasting coffee brew, you definitely need to buy the coffee beans whole and grind them yourself.

There are basically 3 types of electric coffee grinders which you can buy for home use. They are the blade coffee grinders, burr coffee grinders, and the conical burr coffee grinder.

Blade Coffee Grinder
The blade type of coffee grinder is the cheapest kind of electric coffee grinder of the 3 types. It works by chopping the coffee beans using blades. Grinding coffee using a blade coffee grinder usually results in a more bitter tasting coffee. This is largely due to the fast moving blades creating unwanted friction, causing the coffee to heat up and changing the taste. Blade coffee grinders also cannot grind the coffee in a consistent manner and size and thus cannot be used for espresso, which requires a consistent grind of a certain size.

Wheel Burr Coffee Grinder
The wheel burr coffee grinder is one step up from the blade coffee grinder. These work by grinding the coffee beans between a burr wheel and a non-moving surface. The speed of the grinding wheel is slower than that of a blade grinder, and is able to produce more consistent grinds. The burr coffee grinder also produces less heat than the blade coffee grinders, so it does not change in taste by much. These are more expensive than the blade coffee grinders but is well worth it if you are serious about your coffee.

Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
The conical burr coffee grinder is regarded as the best type of coffee grinder. These are used by the coffee shops and other people who are serious about brewing the best coffee possible and extracting every ounce of flavor from premium quality coffee beans. The burrs spin slower than in the wheel burr or blade coffee grinders and are able to grind the coffee into a consistent size. This is the only type of grinder you should be using for espresso or Turkish coffee, which requires a very good consistency.

Why You Need One
If you are serious about drinking the best tasting coffee, stop buying pre-packaged coffee beans from the shop and switch to grinding your own coffee using a conical burr coffee grinder. If the flavor of the coffee is lost in the grinding process, you will just be left disappointed. Taste the premium coffee taste – just like in the coffee shop, right in the comfort of your home. I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied.