Krups 203-42 electric coffee grinder, 15 cup capacity – black

When the name of Krups is taken in front of a coffee lover you can just tell by his or her hungry face what this company has to offer. It has been dominating the coffee product’s field from a long time and has gained enough respect that nowadays people compare this company along with Braun. This just tells what kind of hard work is place into your cup of coffee. This year they chose to release for you a new goodie taking coffee grinding on a whole new level. This is not what this looks like. In the world of coffee a whole new level does not means just a few changes but rather it gives you an entirely new taste for your cup of coffee.

This new invention is called Krups Electric Coffee Grinder. Coming with the technology of your dreams and a design giving off nothing but work efficiency and grace. The design of the coffee grinder is simple and is cylindrical in shape. Internally it consists of a powerful motor which can get you beans from solid form to fine particles. A large capacity allows you to prepare beans for up to 15 cups in one go. A lid activated safety switch turns the motor off if the lid is left out open. The oval shape of the container allows for uniform and fine grinding.

The blades of the grinders have been made from stainless steel and have been designed in such way that the whole of the beans in the container automatically arrive at the sharp edges giving uniformity to all of the powder made.

When the question of respect arrives in the world of coffee the companies leave nothing to doubt upon. And same way we have been presented with the Krups Electric Coffee Maker.