Anfim doserless grinder

When talking of coffee grinders one thing should be always kept in mind. And that is you can not be lured by advertisements because the community they are focusing on might not be sharing the same type of coffee as you and you may end up buying a grinder that always messes up your coffee. For coffee my friends, there is no compromise in the taste and flavor. You should not be playing with your flavor if you want to develop a bond with coffee. With the exception of attractive advertisements one of the grinders that must be connected in your kitchen is the Anfim Doserless coffee grinder. Now this handy small tool might be your ticket to a fantastic non-espresso cup of coffee.

Coming with a rather unique design the doserless coffee grinder provides quite a heavy body. The grinder it self weighs 6 kg and can prove to you it durability in a lot of ways. The grinder consists of two different buttons. First one turns the unit on but not directly the grinder motor and the second turns on the motor until the button is depressed again. This helps in many ways because it leads to a safer and cleaner process of coffee making (Quite handy if you are not the cleaner type). One of the greatest features is that with the dual button system you can also directly cut off the power supply in the case of any mismanagement or accident. Along with that you can go on grinding a lot of coffee at once and that the basket can be used for simple transferring of the coffee powder when done.

Overall the Anfim Doserless coffee grinder is a excellent and simple to use tool. But the thing is that one can not suggest this as the best ever coffee grinder. But in fact the choice is your. Does this deserve it?