Kitchenaid pro line kpcg100pm coffee grinder

Richly textured, perfectly done and greatly roasted. These are the words seducing enough for coffee fans to get married to a cup of coffee. The words them self are enough to get a normal person into the coffee addiction easily. The fact is that such a cup of coffee presents you with a fantastic taste and makes your experience a excellent one too. This type of coffee can only be made using fantastic coffee beans, a fantastic grinder and an awesome user friendly coffee maker. The quest for a coffee grinder has always gotten people confused. Mainly due to unwant and unnecessary features provided in lame grinders.

But when you question for a fantastic grinder one of the proud contestants that emerges is the KitchenAid Pro Line Coffee Grinder. Just as the name suggests this roots from the fantastic KitchenAid labs which have by far provided with products above the market expectations. And just as that this grinder comes with all the vocabulary of coffee grinding. This Pro Line series grinder delivers performance and a fantastic design side by side too.

The compact design of this grinder allows you to sore your grinder in your cabinets and on your counter top without hassle. Along with that specially preset grind controls let you choose from the time you want to prepare the beans to the type of the coffee bean you are using. These presets allow you to get the perfect preparation procedure according to your coffee type. A bin plate has been added to the top that ensure the coffee stays on the blades and gives a uniform texture to all the beans. Along with that it also helps you by preventing any coffee at all to escape.

The motor attached to the grinder allow the burs to rotate at speed up to 450 rpm with perfect optimization to avoid any heat release from the grinds and change the taste of your beans. The KitchenAid Pro Line Coffee Grinder is the pinnacle of the bur grinders and can show you what coffee is really about. If you have excellent budgets then do not stop in buying it. You know what you have to do!